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giving you the opportunity to make your mark

The brief is simple: do something different. Achieve impact. Make an impression.

Whether it’s an office workshop, a regional conference, a wedding ceremony, or even a cooking class, there is a world of opportunity available to you with Landmark Events.

business events

A local law firm was elated with its client appreciation night recently held at the Monastery Spa. A group of visiting Chinese dignitaries were treated to plate-cleaning delights of their native lands at Compton House. And a local company board was thrilled with the far-away-yet-so-close charms of Leaside Manor’s Kilmacolm Boardroom for its breakout workshop.

In the world of business, making the right impression and setting the proper tone is extremely important. In doing things differently than everyone else, you communicate that you think differently. And that’s a positive in any playbook.

So whether it’s a team retreat, a product launch, group seminar, milestone celebration, board meeting or even a conference, make Landmark Events your first call. We can assist you with all the logistics, including equipment, displays and audio visual accessories – not to mention all the fabulous culinary options we can dream up for you.

private events

An intimate wedding becomes a breathtaking dream amongst the sunset dappled trees of Leaside Manor. A milestone family birthday becomes an intergenerational soiree on the Abbey Cafe’s deck at Monastery Spa. A devoted running group get together becomes a memorable afternoon in the soothing ambiance of the Vitalty Room.

In our lifetimes, it’s those precious moments, invariably in the company of those we care about, that crafts enduring memories. Often it’s the places, spaces and food we choose that stamps that exclamation point on these event, indelibly marking the moment for all to savour.

These are moments made for Landmark Events. Our team of professionals can help guide you to realize the event of your dreams. No detail is beneath our notice. We can help capture the flavour of the moment, producing everything from a Japanese Power Bowl to his signature gourmet sandwiches that just can’t be matched.

cultural events

It was standing room only at our last Film Night at Monastery Suites’ Conference Room, celebrating the very best in local film shorts. They were also packed to the rafters to witness Sullivan Song House at Compton House, playing the heart-tugging melodies that have made them social media stars. And all were awed at the uniqueness of a fundraiser at Monastery Spa, with manicures and facials mixing in with gourmet hors d‘oeuvres and premium wines.

The fact is, we don’t just know how to pull off a successful event, we know how to make it fresh, unique and memorable. With some of St. John’s most treasured historical properties within your reach, and a team motivated to maximize your potential, the possibilities are simply endless.

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